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The latest release of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 includes many powerful new creative features and measurable performance improvements. We’d like to help you move onto the latest version, so that you can start immediately benefitting from this incredible new release.
Endlessly creative. Seriously productive.
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Whether you’re a graphics expert, a first-time user, or a business producing in-house design, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 has the versatility to satisfy any creative need.
Some of the top new features you can start to enjoy today include:
Game-changing collaboration*
trace results:
variable font
Serious performance
Share concepts with stakeholders in the Cloud in real-time. With you can view, annotate, and comment directly on a CorelDRAW design file, all in one place. Achieve exceptional bitmap-to-vector trace results with the impressive new
AI-assisted PowerTRACE™.
Take advantage of advanced image-optimization options that help improve the quality of a bitmap as its traced.
Improve the size and quality of images with remarkable new up-sampling and artefact removal features, powered by artificial intelligence. Enlarge images without losing detail. Eliminate noise from highly-compressed JPEG images. Enjoy unprecedented font flexibility, thanks to variable font support. Interactively experiment with font properties, such as width, weight and slant, to fine-tune the look of text in designs with precision. With up to 10x faster performance over our last version, customers can move from concept to completion in record time.
Dont forget to switch over to the latest CorelDRAW Graphics Suite
version before May 30th 2020 to SAVE 10%
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